How Much Does A Hamster Kombat Token Cost? (Hamster Kombat Token Price Calculation Formula)

Hamster price calculation formula

Hamster Kombat is pre-released in one of the exchanges and is sold in a limited way. To find out how much a hamster costs and how you can turn it into cash, read this article from APKWeek to the end.

Hamster Kombat price today

The first exchange where Hamster was released is the exchange. As we said, now the hamster is in the pre-release phase and is being bought and sold in a limited way. You have to wait until July 2024 for the price of this cryptocurrency to stabilize and for its official trading to begin.

The price of Hamster is currently in the range of $0.4, which, of course, is accompanied by many fluctuations. An important issue that we should not forget is that hamster coins have not been equated to tokens yet. Therefore, we have to wait until Hamster is listed and coins are converted into tokens. This is how we can better comment on the value of this cryptocurrency.

Hamster price calculation formula

Hamster price calculation formula

As the listing date of Hamster is approaching, the rumor market of this game has also heated up. Some people and sites report the formula for calculating the price of hamsters. If this formula is correct, you can find out how much you earn with the coins you have collected and the amount of profit (Profit-per-hour) of your account.

According to this formula, you need to subtract five zeros from the amount of coins you have collected in the hamster. You should do the same for profit and subtract five zeros. Multiply the obtained numbers together and multiply the result by the daily price of Hamster Token. What you get is your dollar earnings from the hamster game.

We must remind, no official source and authority has confirmed this formula. Therefore, we cannot claim about the truth and correctness of this formula. It is better to wait and see at what price the hamster will be listed on the exchanges on the final day.

Buying and selling hamster tokens

To redeem Hamster Tokens in the pre-release market, you need to open an account on the exchange. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency as a maker or taker.

Makers are those who buy and sell cryptocurrency at a price lower or higher than the current price. For this reason, their orders may be completed late and be delayed until the second side of the transaction (tickers) is found. Tickers are the ones who complete the orders of the makers.

Hamster price calculation formula

For example, you might want to buy 1,000 hamster tokens for $5. In this case, you are a maker. If someone accepts this offer and sells his thousand tokens for $5, he is a taker.

If you are a seller, you can set the token price and order quantities on the exchange (Hamster’s first pre-launch exchange). In this way, if a customer is found, the tokens will be securely transferred to the buyer’s account and you will receive the money.

Result; There is still a long way to go

The hamster has made a lot of noise these days. But the money maker of this game is still debatable. We’ll still have to wait and see if Hamster gets officially listed. Is there a good equivalent for converting coins to tokens? Write us your opinion.

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