Hamster Kombat Important Announcement About Receiving Airdrop

Hamster Kombat Airdrop

According to Hamster Kombat’s new announcement on its Telegram channel, users can receive the airdrop of this game only by connecting to the TON wallet.

To do this, go to Hamster Kombat’s official Telegram channel and select “Connect Wallet” in the AirDrop section. Then choose your desired ton wallet, of which Tonkeeper is one of them. If you have multiple accounts in your Tonkeeper wallet, you must select the desired account and click on the Connect Wallet option.

Hamster Kombat Tutorial 1
Hamster Kombat Tutorial 2
Hamster Kombat Tutorial 3

Wait a little while your wallet is connected to Hamster Kombat. Once connected, a message will appear confirming the connection of your wallet to Hamster Combat and you will see the main wallet screen. Now you are ready to receive the airdrop.

Finally, go to the Hamster bot to see a tick next to the new task indicating that your Toon Keeper wallet has been successfully connected to the bot.

Note that in the wallets section, there is also a Telegram wallet option, which is not recommended to choose because it is banned and can be problematic.

Also, use a wallet that has very little assets in it. Never connect your main account to new apps.

It should be noted that this article does not mean the confirmation of Hamster Combat game by APKWeek and the future of this game is currently uncertain.

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