Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Graphics Troubleshooting Tutorial

For any competitive game like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, FPS (frame rate) issues make matches boring and unbearable. In this article, there are some solutions that you can use to experience Warzone Mobile more smoothly than before.

Activision’s popular battle royale, Call of Duty Warzone, has also been released for mobile phones; But it did not start very well. Players are unhappy with the performance problems of the game and its Play Store reviews are not very favorable. While some of these issues will only be fixed with an update, there are a few tricks you can try to make the game run better and smoother.

Use the best settings for Warzone Mobile

If your Warzone Mobile experience includes unstable frame rates and blurry images, you should first check your game settings. Many of these settings depend on your phone’s hardware; The more capable your mobile is, the better options you can apply.

Change the frame rate (FPS) and visual quality (Visual Quality) settings

In general, it is better to choose the Uncapped option regarding your frame rate; But if you experience excessive frame drops, set it to 60 or 30 fps depending on your device. The same goes for graphics settings. Depending on your device’s specifications, your graphics settings may be locked to certain items and you may only have two or more options. If you don’t have stable performance, try to keep the visual quality as low as possible. Likewise, make sure to select Frame Rate in the Performance Optimization For settings.

Check the minimum specifications required to run the game

Regardless of the many problems that players face, Warzone Mobile is a heavy game; Therefore, even if it is optimized, you should make sure that your mobile supports the minimum specifications required to run the game. If you try to download and play Warzone Mobile on an unsupported GPU, you may encounter an “unknown GPU error” message.

Free up as much storage space as possible

Another thing to make sure is that your phone storage is not limited to run Warzone Mobile. Keep some free space on your device and also make sure no other apps are running in the background. In addition to the above, try to keep your device updated with the latest software updates.

Reinstall Warzone Mobile

Uninstalling and reinstalling Warzone Mobile may improve game performance; Especially if the specifications of your device are higher than the recommended options and you still face performance problems. The things we mentioned above are the only things you can do to make sure Warzone Mobile runs smoothly. In our experience, since there are limited settings, only changes to FPS and visual quality settings make the most difference if other things like storage and minimum spec requirements are met. The developers will continue to provide updates; Therefore, the performance of the product is likely to improve over time. Until then, stay tuned for more information.

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