12 Popular Games For Android (Part 2)

One of the important advantages of having an Android phone or tablet is the larger selection of mobile games compared to the iPhone. However, for some people it is challenging to find the best game for Android phone. Although there are tons of games on Play Store, it can be difficult to choose the best one among them. For this reason, in this article we are going to introduce you the best and most popular games for Android phones.

Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go! is one of the most popular games for Android phones for several reasons. This game is a classic type of game that is easy and fun at the same time. It’s basically the mobile version of the board game Monopoly, much faster and more fearless.


An online community is infinite. In this program, games and social networks are combined. In Roblox, you can create your own games and experiences, explore games made by other players, and create almost anything you can imagine. In addition, you can meet and talk with others in its virtual space.

Twisted Triangle

This game is designed for those who love puzzle games. In the Twisted Triangle game, you need to untie all the knots and arrange the ropes in the right order. Although this game is challenging, its puzzles are not impossible to solve.

Royal match

Save the king! Royal Match is a puzzle game where you need to match pieces of the same color, solve puzzles to save the king, get coins and decorate the king’s palace. Playing this game does not require internet and moreover, it is free.

Subway Surfers

As the name suggests, in Subway Surfers you need to collect coins and navigate the subway track which is very fun and colorful. The main characters of this game are trying to escape from the inspector and his dog.

Number Puzzle Game

The game is easy to learn but can be difficult to master. This intellectual and highly addictive game consists of 16 houses, only two of which are filled. It is necessary to try to place the same numbers together in these houses in such a way that their product reaches the final number 2048.

Among Us

While the insane popularity of Among Us may be waning, the game is still a lot of fun. Among Us is about deception, where five to 10 players get together and do some task in space. However, there is a trickster in the crowd and he is trying to kill everyone. A good trickster makes everyone turn against each other and blame each other.

Who Can’t Draw

If you are looking for a fun and attractive game for your dates, this game can be a very good option. Who Can’t Draw is a game similar to Pictionary but played on mobile. The first person is given a word and they do their best to draw the picture of that word before handing the phone to the next person. Then, the next person has 15 seconds to copy the drawing and give it to the next person. Then, the last person has to guess what the original word was based on the most recent drawing.

Spider-Man Unlimited

This application is the most famous and popular Spiderman game, which is very similar to Subway Surfers. However, the runners in this amazing game are Marvel characters. If your child is interested in Spider-Man cartoons, clothes, toys or products in general, this game might appeal to him. This game does not require purchase.

Donut County

Donut County is a relaxing game where your task is to create as much chaos as you can in a small town. In this game, you need to create a pit, which gradually gets bigger and more sucking by swallowing things on the surface of the earth, and finally, it swallows buildings and other structures and destroys the city. Donut County is hilarious and can keep you entertained for an hour or two.

Super Brawl Universe

This is one of the funniest Android games where you have to face powerful opponents and defeat them. If you or your child is interested in SpongeBob animation such as SpongeBob SquarePants or other products with the design of this character such as dolls and toys, you will probably enjoy this game because one of the characters you can choose in the game is SpongeBob. Is.

Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt is a series of racing car games, the ninth version of which allows you to drive beautifully designed supercars from famous brands. The very realistic design of the cars in this game along with the many details of the racing tracks can make you have the best experience of racing games. So, if you like the genre of car racing games, this game is for you.

Finally, Android phones give you a wide range of games to choose from, which makes them very popular. However, as the selection widens, it can be difficult to find the best game. For this reason, in this article, we tried to introduce you the best Android games in 2023 so that you can choose the game that matches your interests the most.

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